International Business
& Industry

The interdisciplinary nature of International Studies graduates make them ideally suited for careers in business and organizations with international clientele. Given their foreign language skills, political and cultural knowledge base, and background in economics, especially if combined with a Business degree, graduates are attractive to international businesses.

International Studies graduates are excellent candidates for law school due to their written and oral communications abilities, their knowledge of politics and international affairs and their research skills. International law is an extremely competitive field concerned with whether the behavior of governments corresponds with international laws, and increasingly, the behavior of international corporations. Prior to attending law school, students with undergraduate degrees in International Studies can seek jobs as paralegals.



  • Foreign Corporations

  • International Marketing & Trade Firms

  • International Real Estate Firms

  • Travel & Hospitality Industries

  • Consulting Firms

  • Foreign Financial Institutions

  • Export Manager

  • International Banker

  • Cross-Cultural Relations Consultant

  • Sales Coordinator

  • PR Representative

  • International Hotel Manager