& International Relations

Foreign service positions are extremely competitive, but those who pass the foreign service exam join a group of 9,000 who staff U.S. embassies abroad, the State Department and the United States Information Agency.

Most International Studies professionals in Washington work for other agencies such as the Defense Department, Central Intelligence Agency, Homeland Security and National Security Agency (the majority as intelligence analysts or and a few as clandestine operators). Others work for The Agency for International Development, which administers U.S. foreign aid. As international economics and homeland security become increasingly prominent political issues, the number of international studies professionals who work on Congressional staffs has increased dramatically.

While difficult to obtain, administrative and communications positions within the United Nations are excellent opportunities for international studies graduates with strong language skills.



  • Government Agencies

  • United Nations

  • Relief and Religious Organizations

  • U.S. Foreign Services

  • National Security Councils

  • Foreign Service Official / Diplomat

  • Foreign Area Specialist

  • International Relations Specialist

  • Translator

  • Intelligence Agent